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Where’s My Party At???

If you want to hear the political musings of a middle-aged, people-loving, news-avoiding mother of two, you have come to the right place. If that sentence in itself makes your skin crawl (which it very well may), do yourself a favor and stop reading now.


1. I don’t watch the news. In fact, I avoid it at all costs. It’s depressing. I’d rather watch trash TV (looking at you, Real Housewives) to take my mind off of all the real shit going on in the world. Selfish? Sure. Irresponsible? Probably. But that’s the truth.

2. I’ve voted Democrat and Republican in my life, which makes me able to piss off twice as many people as I would’ve otherwise.

3. I am not educated enough to speak on policies, foreign or domestic. Maybe this shit show will cause me to change that…but probably not. Let’s be real. I barely have time to read an US Weekly these days, and honestly the thought of it sounds exhausting. Again, just being real here.

So most of my “news” comes from social media…and what a disaster that is. So much misinformation and snark and hatefulness. It’s gross. I admire the hell out of the people who educate themselves so that they can have an informed opinion on what is going on, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s a small percentage relative to those who position themselves as knowing the totality of what they post and comment on.

To those who have educated themselves—and used those facts to form opinions absent of a political affiliation—props to you. Mad props to you. You have taken the time to do the research, open your mind, formulate a thought, and share it with others. I wish there were more like you, so you could help educate me. But right now, I can’t see the educated forest for the uneducated trees. And if you think I’m talking about your side, you’re wrong—and right—because I’m talking about both.

Instead of searching for articles and opinions that align with yours, how about seeking out information that challenges you to consider another point of view? And for goodness sake, at the very least take the time to read the information you’re sharing and make sure it’s coming from a legitimate source.

To those who feel moved to stand up and be heard and seen—good on you. I hope you feel empowered and that those around you feel the same. We all have causes, and whatever yours is, get behind it. Whole heartedly. But remember that someone else my have a cause different than yours, and they feel equally as strong.

I’ve come to realize in the last few weeks/months/years (hell, all my life), that I really don’t know much, but here’s what I do know. I can control what goes on in my house. I can teach my kids to be kind and tolerant and forgiving and open-minded. I can teach them that the things that make us different are what makes this crazy sphere go round and round, that this life would be so freaking boring if we all thought and believed and acted alike. I can teach them to hold strong in their beliefs, and at the same time, let others hold strong in theirs. We all come from different places—literally and figuratively—so we are bound to have different experiences that mold us into the people we are and the beliefs that we have. Embrace that, but always be respectful of others doing the same damn thing.

I can do good things in my little part of this world. I can give of my time, my money and my deeds to better my community. I can treat people with acceptance and kindness. I can try to help those who need it. Damn, that sounds hokey, but oh well, that’s about all I’ve got in me. I’m going to do my best to make my little bubble a little better and hope you ass-kicking, world-changers take care of the rest, knowing all the while those changes might not be in line with everything I believe.

In the meantime, I’ll keep being a fence-riding, smut TV-watching mom trying to raise her kids not to be assholes while trying to do a little bit of good in my community.

Heaven help these two–and their mom 😉

Random Thought: Why are they still playing the Pro Bowl?

Recipe: Order craft pizza–people will think you’re fancy. I told you I’m terrible at cooking. It’s important to have a good go-to craft pizza delivery. You’re welcome.

3 Things I’ve Learned From My 3-Year-Old Daughter

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen a number of posts with the hashtag #hotmessHattie. They have taken on a bit of a life of their own, mostly because this three-year-old ray of sunshine embodies everything that hashtag implies. I thank God everyday that she’s mine—as challenging as she might be—because her gifts are unending, her smile is infectious, and the lessons she has taught me are unlike anything I’ve ever learned.

1. Stop worrying so much…about the little things. The way your hair looks. The clothes you wear—even if they’re on backwards. More days than not, she comes downstairs in the morning fully clothed (not matching and usually backwards or inside out), hair a mess.

Me: Hattie, your shirt is on backwards.
Hattie: I know.
Me: You want me to fix it for you?
Hattie: Nope. I’m good.

Nope. I’m good. What a beautiful concept. My three-year-old telling me, “Let me do me, Mommy.”

And I do. Not sure that’s the right parenting move, but I do. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? Not to me and surely not to her. You do you, Hattie. And I’ll watch you with love and admiration at every turn.

PS–she also brushes her teeth most mornings, which garners a tremendous amount of leeway 😉

2. Love…a lot and without condition. This child loves, and she loves hard. She is convicted in her compassion, and that compassion knows no bounds or qualifiers. She is untouched by cynicism or the influence of others. I pray it stays that way always, that she remains unaffected by any outside factors that would teach her otherwise. That may be my biggest challenge as her mother–to give her the room to let her develop into the person SHE wants to be, because that is something we should all be afforded.

3. Go crazy (maybe not at bedtime ;)…but go crazy! Dance and sing and laugh and lose your shit, because why not??? What good does bottling up all that fun and excitement and entertainment do anyone? So cliche, but life is too short to walk around with a stick up your ass trying to do what everyone else thinks is right or proper. Let your hair down (even though you barely have enough for a ponytail), rock that sheepskin vest with no shirt underneath, sing to the top of your lungs to the Chainsmokers “Don’t Let Me Down”. I will always be your adoring audience.

Thank you, Hattie McCoy, for challenging me as a person and a parent, for showing me the lessons that can be learned through the unfiltered mind and heart of a child. I love you.

#hotmessHattie at her finest!

Random Thought: If you are unwilling to see the shortcomings of “your side” (whatever side that may be), you are denying yourself the opportunity to solidify and strengthen your stance. Open your eyes to see and your ears to hear the thoughts and feelings of those who differ from you. You might be surprised.

Recipe: Pick up to-go from your favorite Mexican food restaurant (they always pack it in those neat little disposable aluminum containers), stick it in the oven, and serve at dinner time! (Don’t judge–I’ve been very up front about my culinary inadequacies 😉