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To The Mom Criticizing Other Moms For Letting Their Kids Watch iPads In Restaurants…

I’ll make this brief, as I’m trying to limit my screen time.

I’m one of those moms. You don’t know me. That’s the point. How do you know I haven’t been momming so hard all day—with crafts and activities and field trips—that all I want to do is sit down at MiCocina and have a Mambo Taxi and some adult conversation without a thousand “mommies” being hurled my way???

I’m not saying that’s always the case, but sometimes it is. Regardless, it’s none of your business!!!

And how do you know what my kids are doing on their iPads? Last time I checked, they’re issuing them in schools these days. My 6-year-old and 4-year-old are learning to read and spell on theirs. Don’t get me wrong, they are also watching plenty of Trolls and playing their fair share of Minecraft, kind of like I did with Scooby Doo and Frogger when I was little. Not trying to defend the iPad (maybe I am), but it’s not like they’re playing with asbestos at the dinner table here!

You are obviously entitled to your opinion, as I am mine, but unless something my children are doing directly affects you, you can save your breath and your keystrokes. Don’t worry, my kids wear headphones, so you can’t hear a thing.

I would be far more concerned with my children’s attempt to shame and judge others with their words and looks than a little extra screen time at a restaurant.

I’m so glad you have this whole parenting thing squared away, but on behalf of those of us who are still trying to figure it out, KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER!!!

PS–I also let my kids watch their iPads while eating goldfish in my bed. Deal with it!