Little Parenting Miracles, My Secret Talent, Cheesy Potatoes & Awesomesauce

There are so many things I want for my kids. I want them to be healthy and smart and happy and successful and work hard and make good decisions–not necessarily in that order–but I want all those things. I’m pretty sure all parents do. But lately my parenting conversations with family and friends have revolved around the different environment we are raising our children in compared to the climate in which we grew up. I know, I sound like one of those “good ol’ days farts” who talks about, well, the good old days. Oh well.

This is what it has come down to for me–I want my children to be good human beings. Kind, but willing to stand up for themselves and others. Tolerant, but steadfast in their beliefs. Inclusive, but not willing to conform. Now don’t ask me how I’m going to pull this off, because let’s be real, I’m figuring this whole parenting thing out on a day-by-day basis.

And let’s be even more real–I’ve got a long way to go. My kids are jackasses right now. Yes, jackasses. They are almost 3 and 5 years old and at the height of their toddler jackassery. It doesn’t mean I love them any less, they’re just “challenging” as my politically correct friends would say. And if you have kids in this age range that don’t act like jackasses here and there, holler at your girl so I can come to your house and learn from someone who is actually pulling it off.

In the meantime–until the toddler jackassery stage is over–we’re doing our best to take advantage of some teaching moments along the way. A couple of weeks ago, I missed one of Henry’s baseball games, and my husband gave me a full report on his performance (he had one hit off live pitching and a play in the field, in case you were wondering 😉 and something that happened while he was on base. There was a special needs child on the other team, and he kept trying to tag Henry out when he was on base. Henry got frustrated, and did’t exactly know how to handle the situation. Fortunately my husband was nearby and explained the situation to him, but it was still hard for him to grasp. He’s four. He was confused.

A few days later, I ran into my friend Amber McDonald and her mom at the ballpark. The McDonald family is a staple at Texas Rangers games, and Amber is one of the biggest and best fans I have come across in my 15 years of covering sports. That day, Amber invited me to come watch her play in one of her Miracle League games. Perfect timing. What an opportunity to show Henry what baseball is all about. So last Saturday, we went to watch Amber play. She was great. So were her teammates. So were her opponents. We cheered for all of them, and they deserved it.

WARNING!!! Cheesy mom moment coming. It may have been my proudest parenting moment to date, hearing Henry and Hattie yell, “Let’s go Amber! Way to go Amber!” They don’t know Amber, they just know she’s mommy’s friend, but they were so happy to root for Amber and her friends (until they were distracted by the possibility of popcorn and sodas ;). If you haven’t ever been to a Miracle League game, go. Whether or not you like baseball. Whether or not you have kids. Watching those kids play a game–with such joy and such appreciation for that moment in time–was .

So thank you, Amber, for inviting me to your game. Thank you for showing my kids that people’s differences can bring them together. Thank you for reminding me what pure joy looks like. You are a truly a treasure, and I am lucky to call you my friend.

Amber McDonald, member of the Miracle League White Rangers

Amber McDonald, member of the Miracle League Rangers.

Now for the Random Thought, Recipe and a new feature starting this week–a product I love aka Emily’s Awesomesauce 🙂

Random Thought

Sometimes I make my bed with such effort that I sweat. Seriously. I would put my bed-making skills up against anyone on this planet. Sheets must be crispy to ensure the best sleep possible. You may call it crazy…I call it dedication.


Cafe J’s (Lubbock, Texas) Cheesy Potatoes


  • 1 bag shredded hash browns (thawed)
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 2 cups of sour cream
  • 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 tablespoon salt
  • 1/4 tablespoon white pepper
  • Dash of cayenne pepper


Mix all ingredients together in a medium casserole dish. Cook at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until the edges are brown.

Emily’s Awesomesauce

So I’m going to give this a run. I sell a lot of products, but this won’t always be something I sell. And I vow to always disclose if I have paid for said product or gifted said product, in the spirit of full disclosure.

Gimme Brow by Benefit. $18 at Ulta.

Gimme Brow by Benefit. $18 at Ulta.

My inaugural awesome sauce is Gimme Brow by Benefit. The story behind it is great. I was at Ulta last week and asked one of the girls that worked there if she could point me in the right direction of an eyebrow booster (don’t ask–I had a bad waxing experience a few months ago, and it’s been a tough recovery). Anyway, another customer piped up and told me about this product and said it would change my life. It’s called Gimme Brow by Benefit, and that’s exactly what it does–gimme brows! The trick is to go against the grain on your eyebrows (it has a small, mascara-type brush) with the first coat, then straighten them out with the second coat. It’s awesome. Totally life-changing in an eyebrow kind of way 😉




Emily Jones McCoy is the dugout reporter for the Texas Rangers, owner and co-founder of Posh Play and iSantaCam, consultant for Rodan+Fields, and president of the Do It For Durrett Foundation. She has a husband (Mike), two children (Henry & Hattie), and a very small filter. You’ve been warned.

2 thoughts on “Little Parenting Miracles, My Secret Talent, Cheesy Potatoes & Awesomesauce

  1. Sundberg Fan

    Neat post. Want to let you know that I just love watching you with the team, your overall interaction with them, the personality and fun you bring to the game, and the way you draw the players out. Been watching this team since ’72 and couldn’t imagine watching a game now without you being a part of it. I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts and look forward to each new one. It’s refreshing to see the honesty and humor in your work. Hope you stick with the club for a long time. It’s a real pleasure to welcome you into our home via the idiot box every day for 6 months of the year. Thanks for bringing your part to the enjoyment we have in our lives.


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