Give These Fools A Chance

It seems everyone these days has an opinion…on everything. Not only that, everyone now has a platform (or eight) in which to share said opinions. I’m all for it. It used to be that the only people who were able to have their opinions be heard were those who had a “proper platform”. Now you can create your own platform, jump onto other people’s platforms, and even switch platforms midstream. All’s fair in love, war and social media.

In that vain, I would like to share my thoughts on the new-look Rangers broadcast team. Let me start by saying I love Tom Grieve. I adore Steve Busby. Jim Knox is as good a dude you’ll find in this business, or anywhere for that matter. My former producer—Kurt Deichert—became a dear friend while working together for the better part of a decade.

Change is hard. I get it. I’m am one of the most resistant-to-change people you will ever meet. It’s comfortable to be that way, and who doesn’t like comfort? I mean, seriously. So when more than a few changes were made to the Rangers television broadcast in the off season, I wasn’t sure how to take them. I was sad because I wouldn’t be working with people I had worked alongside for so many years and so many great moments, people who taught me so much and helped me get the sweetest spot in my professional life.

I assume this is how much of the Rangers fan base was left feeling, as well. Sad. Because they forged relationships with the guys who they let in their living room every night. Even if they didn’t actually know the people on the other side of the screen, they felt like they did…and that’s a testament to the job they did.

Now back to that opinion you’ve all been dying to hear. (If there was a sarcasm font available, I definitely would’ve used it on the previous sentence 😉 So here it is:

Dave Raymond and CJ Nitkowski are good at what they do. Very good. They ma y be different than what you are used to, but they are smart and talented and highly qualified to do what they do. And you know what else? They care. They are about the Rangers. They care about you, as fans. They care what you think. And maybe it’s the Mother Hen coming out in me, but I feel the need to provide a little defense here.

The two of them are working their tails off to learn everything they can about this organization—it’s history, it’s players, it’s employees (CJ asks me every day the name of a different employee he sees in the media dining room). And I know for a fact they respond to the vast majority—if not all—of the feedback they get, both positive and negative.

My point is, they are doing it right. We are all trying to. Lord knows my comedic stylings in the stands are a far cry from Jim Knox, but I’m doing my best. The new—and old—faces in the production truck are working every day to bring the best perspective possible to our telecasts.

No one likes criticism, but if you’re a rational human being, you get it (even though it sucks), so I’m not asking for unicorns and rose petals for me or my new teammates, just don’t be so stuck in your ways that you can’t even see anything different. All I’m asking is that you give these fools a chance, all of us.

Dave Raymond, Me & CJ Nitkowski before our first Spring Training game in Surprise, Arizona.

Random Observation: The beach is so amazing, but can you imagine how cool it would be if there was no sand?!?!

Recipe: Download the FAVOR app on your smart phone, order from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered to your house. Listen, it’s baseball season. My ability to mail it in on dinner knows no bounds.

15 thoughts on “Give These Fools A Chance

  1. Jay Jolly

    Tom and Steve have dedicated their entire lives to baseball. There comes a time when people need to enjoy some free time and be with their families. They’ve both earned it, and I hope they’re taking full advantage. I’m old enough to remember when C.J. pitched, so I welcome his expertise. Dave is also as rock solid as I’ve ever seen. It will take some time to get used to completely, but I think they’re doing fine. At least we’ve still got you (I remember that guy behind you a couple of years ago that really made you mad. I’m sure what he said wasn’t fit to say on air, but you handled it like a pro). Best wishes to you and the broadcast team, and most importantly to the Rangers!!

  2. Brad Gabriel

    At first I didn’t like the change but I kept an open mind and listened to them. Now… I really like them on the broadcasts. Prefer actually

  3. Ann Dunkin

    Emily, my husband and I were delighted that you took over the “in the stands” portions of Ranger game broadcasts. To us, it was a welcome change. I do appreciate your supportive comments about the new broadcast duo, but it isn’t just the issue of change. It’s that the game banter is pretty boring; honestly, I find myself just tuning them out. At times, I’ve opted instead for radio and Eric Nadel, et al. Hopefully over time it will get better.

    1. poshplay Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Ann. It takes time to build chemistry…we are working at it!

    2. Bree

      I agree with you Ann. I have tried and tried, but end up either with the radio feed or watching the Astros. I want to hear about the he game not some crazy story that has nothing to do with baseball, that one of them fell down a bunny hole about. We were watching another game (on vacation in another city) and I thought there was some wrong with the tv because commentators were talking about time travel or the Tasmanian Devil.

      I’m glad that Tom is getting to enjoy some well deserved semi-retirement. Additionally I appreciate the learning curve with the new guys. But I no longer pay attention when we have it on TV because I don’t care. I know that this is a decision that I have chosen but I am sad. Baseball season is my favorite season of the year and I am looking forward to Autumn.

  4. Clay Stewart

    Emily, you couldn’t be more right. I love the new crew and the different brand of insights they bring. You’ve always done a good job, but I really enjoy CJ and Dave as well. Not that I didn’t or don’t like Tom, but I think I get more from Dave and CJ, more about the game, the situations and the players.
    Love the new crew and keep up the good work.

  5. Aileen

    I was wondering why the changes and didn’t know what was going on. I just saw Tom broadcasting the other night, though? Anyway, the new guys will take some getting used to. Yes, most of us don’t like change but you adjust and get through it. That said, the new guys are very likable and I’m sure they will grow on me. I’ll miss Jim too, but at least you’re still here, Emily! My husband and I love you in the stands. You do a fantastic job!! And thank you so much for your perspective on the changes. Much appreciated. 🙂

  6. Eric

    I am late the reply party, but I’m here now, so please tell Dave and CJ that I really enjoy their calls. They crack me up. I love Mr. Rangers too, and I’m glad he’s still around. Speaking of Tom and Dave, Raymond gets stuff out of Grieve that surprise me. I can’t imagine Tom and Buzz discussing time travel. Whether they – should- be I leave to the bosses., but it’s a long season.


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