We love our Posh Play Mat! It is great to set our newborn on the floor for tummy time and is so easy to clean with inevitable spit-ups. When he starts sitting in a high chair, it will be set over our Posh Play for easy clean up. I love how high quality the material is! I would recommend this product to anyone!!

Ashley G
Dallas, TX

I am in love with all things Posh Play!

The diapers clutches are fabulous. They fit perfectly in my huge purse that doubles as a work bag/diaper bag. I take mine with me everywhere. From dinners with the family to travel around the globe, it's my go-to bag.

It's gone with me to California when my daughter visited during Cowboys training camp, Cabo San Lucas and Paris. We even used the Posh Play Clutch when we had an emergency diaper situation in the middle of a Parisian park. The clutch served as a pillow on a rough park bench.

All of the products are easy to clean, durable and travel wonderfully.

Gina, Mom of an 18-month-old girl

We've had our Posh Play Mat since Henry was born and take it everywhere we go. It is very versatile, from outdoor to indoor, play space, nap spot, changing pad and dog bed when the baby isn't looking! We even used it as a background for our baby photos. Our home has wood floors throughout, so I love having somewhere soft for baby to play. Plus, it packs easily in car or suitcase for travel, hassle free. High quality, great looking and super easy to wipe clean.

Jenny, Mom of a 9-month-old baby boy

I kid you not when I say The Posh Play Mat just may be my favorite gift of all time! We use it every day – my son plays on it on the floor inside, we take it outside to sit in the grass, it’s perfect for soccer and school picnics—I could go on forever.

Brooke, Mom of a one-year-old boy

Posh Play Mats are not just for babies! Our girls love to use the mat at the pool and for snack time. It is so versatile, and it cleans up like a breeze. We love it.

Heather, Mom of 2 girls

We love our Posh Play Mat and use it every day during our home construction. It’s our temporary dining room table. The boys love having an indoor picnic dinner, and everything just wipes up when they’re done.

Allison, Mom of 3 boys

Totally enamored with my new Posh Play Mats! Super functional, versatile, convenient and fabulous to look at!!! I'm hooked.

Megan, Mom of twin boys

Little J loves tummy time on his stylish play mat.

Tracey, Mom of a 6-month-old baby boy

Our Family Loves the Posh Play Mat!"

Misty May-Treanor, Olympic Gold Medalist

A couple months ago I discovered my newest must-have for momistas – the Posh Play Mat. You can use the mat for anything – a spill-mat under the highchair, a spot for tummy time and playtime, a surface for arts and crafts (which are big in the McDermott house, and can get pretty messy at times), and even for picnics. It’s such a chic all-purpose mat for the babes. And they come in super cute colors and fabrics. Nothing better than a functional AND stylish product for us momistas.


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